Tuesday April 23, 2019

April 18, 2019. ARTICLE: Lamenting a Disappearing Chinese Art Form [South China Morning Post] Professor Chi Wang details his experience with calligraphy and collecting Chinese artwork, and how such practices are disappearing today. Read More.


April 12, 2019. OP-ED: In China, a Divided America Finds a Foe to Unite Against [South China Morning Post] As the US political divide deepens, China is becoming an increasingly attractive distraction for politicians, the media, and the American public. Read More. 


April 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S. won’t send ships to China’s naval celebration. Read More


March 18, 2019 OP-ED: Cheating Allegations Damage Perception of Chinese Students [South China Morning Post] Flawed system for admitting Chinese students in U.S. universities opens door for cheating, cultural misunderstanding, and accusations of racism. Read More


March 10, 2019 Op-ED: 挖趣│從文徵明到張大千 名畫收藏在我家 Professor Chi Wang discusses his experiences collecting Chinese paintings and calligraphy. Read More



March 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S.- China Trade Talks and the tensions between China, the U.S. and Canada, summit between the U.S. and Korea and Philippines’ worries of war in the South China Sea. Read More



February 13, 2019 REMEMBERING RODERICK MACFARQUHAR One of the most well-respected and knowledgeable China scholars, Professor Roderick MacFarquhar, passed away on February 10. Chi Wang remembers the life and contributions of his friend. Read More



February 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S.- China Trade Talks and the tension between mainland China and Taiwan. Read More



February 11, 2019 OP-ED: THE DIFFICULTIES FOR DEMOCRACY IN CHINA [South China Morning Post] China’s history and past forms of governance make it difficult for a Western style of democracy to gain traction and truly work. Read More



January 25, 2019 OP-ED: GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN DAMAGING US REPUTATION GLOBALLY [South China Morning Post] government workers are going to food banks and America’s reputation is plummeting globally while Republicans and Democrats play politics and disregard opportunities for compromise. Read More



January 10, 2019 OP-ED: THE U.S.-CHINA RELATIONSHIP IS TOO BIG TO FAIL [South China Morning Post] How can the current leaders, with their conflicting goals, find a way to move the bilateral relationship forward? Read More



JANUARY 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S. State Department Issues New China Travel Warning, Trade Talks Continue in Beijing, Tensions between China, the U.S. and Canada, and U.S., UK Hold Military Drills in South China Sea. Read More




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