Wednesday April 24, 2019



Mr. Roger Wang

H. Roger Wang is the Chairman and CEO of Golden Eagle International Group. Founded in 1992 with headquarters in the historic former Chinese capital of Nanjing, Golden Eagle began as a real estate development company in a newly opened China, and has evolved into a conglomerate, maintaining its initial focus on real estate but also expanding its retail business into a chain of high-end department stores.

Founder of the first foreign-invested group company in Nanjing, Mr. Wang is one of the most respected businessmen in the city and has received the honorable title of “Honorary Citizen of Nanjing” and the “Friendship Award of Jiangsu,” being distinguished as the most excellent foreign investor on many occasions. Mr. Wang has also received great recognition for his many charitable donations to various children’s instutions. Under his guidance and initiative, the Group has established the Golden EAgle International Charity Foundation, setting up funds to aid China’s disabled. At the invitation of Nanjing University, Mr. Wang is a guest lecturer for the MBA program and an Associate Professor at the internationally renowned academic institution.

In addition to the business activities in China, Roger Wang is also the Chairman and CEO of Transpacific Management Co., established and based in Los Angeles, CA since 1978. The company provides management services to its investment portfolios within Southern California.

Mr. Wang grew up in Taiwan and obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from Chines Culture University in 1969. After immigrating to the United States in 1970, Mr. Wang received his MBA degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1973. Mr. Wang resides in Beverly Hills with his wife, Vivine, and daughters, Janice and Dorothy.