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Nov. 28 – Dec. 4, 2010


The Chinese Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) is a Chinese defense think tank that conducts research and advises the Chinese government on a myriad of global strategic, security, political, and economic issues. The USCPF had the pleasure of hosting an unofficial delegation from CIISS when it visited Washington, D.C. and New York City from November 28 – December 4, 2010. General (ret.) Liu Dongdong, a Senior Advisor for CIISS and soon-t0-be Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, headed the delegation. General Liu was accompanied by Major General (ret.) Tang Yinchu, and three CIISS research fellows: Mrs. Zhu Xiaojing, Mr. Li Guoqi, and Mr. Ge Tao.

The delegation spent its first four days in the United States touring Washington, D.C. and participating in a few select meetings and activities. Since this was the majority of the delegation members’ first trip to the United States, the delegation took time to visit some of the nation’s most historic sites, including the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, and the National Mall. Although this was an unofficial visit, sightseeing and related activities were interspersed with a few professional functions. Notably, the members of the delegation met with scholars and students from the National War College, a school of the National Defense University, to exchange candid dialogue on U.S.-Sino relations and discuss Asian security affairs. During its short but productive time in D.C., the delegation also met with Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, The Honorable Wallace C. Gregson, and attended a reception hosted by Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yesui.

After its brief but memorable stay in the nation’s capital, the delegation then traveled to New York, where it spent a relaxing three days touring the city. Visits to such attractions as Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, and Times Square were balanced with a sobering tour of Ground Zero, meetings with officials from the Chinese Mission to the United Nations, and a scenic tour of West Point Academy.

The U.S.-China Policy Foundation was delighted to host the CIISS delegation’s visit to Washington, D.C. and New York City, and looks forward to facilitating future exchanges with CIISS.



Willard InterContinental Hotel, Washington, D.C.
November 15, 2010

The U.S.-China Policy Foundation held its 15th annual Gala Dinner, China in Washington 2010, on November 15th 2010. The gala was held at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in downtown, Washington, DC, from 7pm to 9pm, with a pre-dinner reception beginning at 6:30pm. The dinner recognized the ongoing efforts of USCPF and others to improve U.S-China relations.

We were pleased to include Ambassador Zhang Yesui and Deputy Chief of Mission Deng Hongbo as honored guests.

Each year, we are excited to honor individuals who have made a distinguished contribution to U.S.-China relations. This year, the USCPF honored FedEx, The Hershey Company, and China Telecom Americas for outstanding achievements in their respective U.S-China business pursuits.

The Foundation is also extremely grateful to all the donors and guests who are so crucial in supporting our ongoing efforts.

If you would like a to view a copy of the gala program, please click here.

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Mr. Michael L. Ducker

Mr. Michael L. Ducker
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President and President, International for FedEx Express


Mr. Thaddeus J. Jastrzebski

Mr. Thaddeus J. Jastrzebski
Senior Vice President and President, Hershey International, The Hershey Company


Mr. Yijun Tan

Mr. Yijun (Donald) Tan
President of China Telecom Americas Corporation



Amgen Inc.
Bank of China, New York Branch
China Daily USA
China Construction America, Inc.
China Telecom Americas Corporation
The Coca-Cola Company
The Hershey Company
Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office
Barbara Franklin Enterprises
J.R. Simplot Company
Las Vegas Sands Corporation
Sybase Inc.
W.I. Harper Group



Washington, D.C.
May 12, 2010

On May 12, 2010, the USCPF hosted a breakfast meeting at the Monocle Restaurant on Capitol Hill in downtown Washington, D.C., to welcome Ambassador Chen Yonglong, Vice President of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA), and his delegation during their visit.

The Foundation invited current and former participants in the Policymakers program to meet with the delegation and discuss developments in Sino-American relations. The CPIFA has collaborated with the USCPF to arrange our annual Policymakers Trip to China programs for the past few years, and will be working to plan our trip for Congressional Chiefs of Staff during the 2011 August recess.

Ambassador Chen was accompanied by Ms. Ma Hong, Deputy Director of the Department of North American and Oceanic Affairs (CPIFA), and Mr. Liu Min, CPIFA staff member. Congressional Chiefs of Staff in attendance included: Maura Keefe (Shaheen, D-NH), Phil Karsting (Kohl, D-WI), John Sandy (Risch, R-ID), and Steven Schrage (Brown, R-MA). Minister Counselor Xu Erwen and First Secretary Shen Jun represented the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. USCPF board members Ambassador Herbert Horowitz and Donald Anderson also attended the breakfast.

Founded in 1949, CPIFA is one of the most important foreign policy organizations in China and has a long history of hosting Heads of States and high-ranking U.S. government officials, as well as scholars. CPIFA hosted Presidents Nixon, Carter, Clinton, and Bush when they visited China. Ambassador Chen is responsible for CPIFA’s North American affairs.


Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C.
February 4, 2010


The USCPF was delighted to hold a farewell luncheon reception for His Excellency Zhou Wenzhong, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, prior to his return to China in February.

The event was held at the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, February 4, 2010. Invited guests included approximately 50 current and former U.S. cabinet officials and members of Congress, former ambassadors to China, top American business executives and academics, senior staff of the Chinese Embassy, and other leading figures in U.S.-China relations.

Ambassador Zhou has spent almost half of his professional life representing the People’s Republic of China in the United States, pursuing a policy of peace, friendship, and prosperity between our two great nations. From 1978 to 1983, Ambassador Zhou served as attaché, and then third secretary, to the United States from the time we first established full diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. He returned to the United States in 1987, serving as Deputy Consul General of China in San Francisco and Consul General of China in Los Angeles, before becoming the Minister of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Untied States in 1995. From 1998 to 2001, he served as Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Australia. In 2003, Ambassador Zhou became Vice Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China. He was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from the People’s Republic of China to the United States in 2005, a role has filled with remarkable dinstinction.

Ambassador Zhou has been a constant and enthusiastic advocate for the USCPF’s mission and programs, and the Foundation was thrilled to have the opportunity to recognize him for his dedication. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and look forward to hearing about his many successes.



*The USCPF would like to extend special thanks to FedEx and the Coca-Cola Company for underwriting a portion of the event.