Monday June 1, 2020


April 2011


Last Thursday, China’s Information Office of the State Council released the Chinese government’s first White Paper (report) on China’s foreign aid practices. The report, which comes on the heels of mounting speculation regarding China’s foreign aid policy with developing countries, states emphatically that Chinese foreign aid is based on “mutual help between developing countries” without the strings of imposed political conditions on recipients.

At a press conference on the release of the report, Vice Commerce Minister Fu Ziying responded strongly to accusations that Chinese foreign aid is contingent upon gaining access to aid recipients’ in-demand resources, insisting instead that Chinese foreign aid is based on friendship. Negating criticism that China exploits Africa’s rich supplies of natural resources, Fu rebuked, “I just came back from there [Guinea]. The biggest owner of iron ore mines there are not Chinese, but Western countries that formerly colonized that country. Mali doesn’t have significant natural resources, but Chinese people are helping them build bridges and roads. Can we say that’s for resources? I think some media speculation that China’s foreign aid is aimed at resources is total nonsense.”


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