Tuesday August 11, 2020


May 27-28, 2014

Admiral William J. Fallon, former head of the U.S. Central command and U.S. Pacific Command, represented the U.S.-China Policy Foundation at The International Symposium on Security and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region. The Symposium, held in Beijing from May 27-28, was a public event bringing together over 100 military, policy, and academic experts from across the globe. Participants from at least 19 different countries took part in the event.

The symposium was hosted by the China Institute for International and Strategic Studies (CIISS), and included sessions covering both the primary security challenges and issues for the Asia-Pacific region and the main areas for and potential to cooperation in the region. Participating in these meetings gave Admiral Fallon the opportunity to discuss important international issues with his peers in an informal and relaxed setting.

Admiral Fallon also gave a keynote address during the opening ceremony for the symposium. The admiral spoke about the importance of security in the Asia-Pacific region, citing the regions demographic importance, the regional friction, and our growing global interdependence. He recognized the difficulties the leaders in the region face when trying to overcome the challenges and move forward but also noted the many shared common interests. He ended by advising the many leaders present:

“We face choices of all kinds every day. Choices which impact the security of this region are very important. Leaders should lead by example; make good choices for the common good of our increasingly interdependent populations, proactively manage risk and instill confidence that we are going to move in a positive direction regarding security.”

A complete copy of his remarks can be found here.

This type of Track II dialogue is essential for the improvement of U.S.-China relations and the international system as a whole. We were honored to have Admiral Fallon participate in this symposium on behalf of USCPF.