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December 31, 2014

This time last year, the world was uncertain what 2014 would bring for China. Internally, President Xi Jinping was set to unfurl reforms that promised to clean-up China’s government and shake up vested interests by rooting out endemic corruption. Internationally, China seemed destined for a path of conflict by declaring unprecedented Air-Defense Identification Zones in the East China Sea and South China Sea, heightening tensions with US allies in the East Asia.

However, China ushered in major achievements in 2014, including major international agreements at the recent APEC Summit in Beijing, the investigation and convictions of many current and former government leaders for corruption, Alibaba’s takeover as the largest global IPO, and advances in the hukou registration system and urban planning. Other major issues erupted on the scene that will require China’s continued attention in 2015, such as deadly terrorist attacks fueled by ethnic tensions, allegations of cyber espionage, and the Hong Kong protests.

Below are the top stories of 2014 from our weekly news briefs on current affairs in China. We hope you will continue to seek us out for your news and analysis of China in 2015!

JanuaryThe US named a new Ambassador to China, Senator Max Baucus

FebruaryPresident Xi Jinping took a new approach to public diplomacy by strolling through a Beijing hutong

MarchChina unveiled plans to address its rapidly increasing urban population

AprilTensions between China and the Philippines flared after the Philippines submitted its claims to the Spratley Islands to an UNCLOS tribunal

MayThe World Bank released data expecting China to become the world’s #1 economy in PPP terms

JuneThe US indicted five members of the PLA for cyber espionage on private companies

JulyPresident Xi Jinping turned a new page in relations with the Korean peninsula by visiting South Korea before China’s ally in the North

AugustDemocracy protests break out in Hong Kong and Macau after Beijing asserts control over the electoral process

September Alibaba set a record with its initial public offering of $25 million on the New York Stock Exchange

OctoberAt its annual state meeting, China pledged to strengthen rule of law

NovemberChina and the US worked to mitigate climate change at the APEC Summit in Beijing

DecemberConcerns over the future of cross-strait relations abounded after mid-term elections in Taiwan

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