Monday June 1, 2020


From September 22-28, Chinese President Xi Jinping was in the United States. This trip marked Xi’s first official state visit to the U.S. Before visiting DC, Xi Jinping met with businesses in Seattle, Washington and attended a banquet dinner. After meeting with President Obama and attending a state dinner in DC, Xi went to New York to speak in front of the UN General Assembly.

For more information about Xi Jinping’s time in the U.S., see the below links for full transcripts of Xi’s remarks during his trip as well as the official trip fact sheets from the White House and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Before arriving in the U.S., Xi answered questions from the Wall Street Journal:

Xi Jinping’s only full policy speech during his trip was given his first night, at a banquet in Seattle. Full text here:

After Presidents Xi and Obama conducted a policy meeting in DC, the two presidents gave a joint press conference in the White House Rose Garden. Their remarks and answers to press questions can be found here:

This trip was China’s first official state visit to the U.S., and thus his first state dinner. Video and a transcript of his dinner toast here:

In New York, Xi Jinping spoke in front of the UN General Assembly. Video and a written summary of his remarks can be found here:

White House Fact Sheet on President Xi’s State Visit to DC:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Outcome list of President Xi’s state visit: