Tuesday June 2, 2020


March 15, 2016

Donald Trump’s policies on China are being scrutinized as the prospect of his selection as the Republican party’s presidential nominee grows more imminent. The conclusion that foreign countries are “killing us on trade” has shaped his economic policies, most notably the proposed 45% tariff on imported goods from China. Claims that “On Trade, Donald Trump Breaks With 200 Years of Economic Orthodoxy” and similar analyses prompted Trump to explain this protectionist policy as merely a “threat” lest the Chinese government fail to negotiate a new trade paradigm with the U.S. at the GOP debate on March 8.

In both the U.S. and China, the jury is out on how his policies could influence relations between the two countries. Some commentators anticipate that Trump’s economic focus on the Sino-American relationship would introduce a kind of “pragmatism” to international diplomacy, thereby spurring the American economy while avoiding the sensitivity around Clinton’s “pivot to Asia” campaign that her presidency could inflame. China’s government would not necessarily object to additional foreign trade restrictions, as they might facilitate the Chinese economy’s re-balancing towards domestically driven consumption; yet except for reiterating their hope of a “positive policy” with China, Chinese party officials will not disclose any opinion on Trump’s candidacy due to the nation’s policy of “non-interference.”

The Chinese public has been more vocal about its attitudes on the presidential race through the micro-blog Weibo: a number are bullish on Trump because they are bearish on the U.S., whose downfall would be precipitated with Trump as president, they opine. There are those in the U.S. who agree with these Chinese micro-bloggers’ prediction, though they do not welcome that fate. Such a fate is hardly guaranteed, however. Only through continued scrutiny of Trump’s and the other candidates’ China policies will we gain a better sense of their implications.

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Compiled and edited by Juliet M. Tempest