Friday December 2, 2022

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China Forum
A Conversation with Ambassador Baucus
April 19, 2022


For China Forum, the U.S.-China Policy Foundation was joined by Ambassador Max Baucus to discuss his career, insights on U.S.-China relations, and advice for diplomats and policymakers today. Ambassador Baucus served as the U.S. Ambassador to China (2014–2017) and as the U.S. Senator from Montana (1978–2014).

China Forum began filming in 1992 and has included a wide range of distinguished guests, government officials, diplomats, and area experts. The program was originally broadcast on local PBS television and was viewed by academics, U.S. government officials, and foreign embassies located in Washington, DC. It is now online, allowing the important discussions to reach broader audiences. We truly believe that understanding our past diplomatic relationship with China and learning lessons from the ambassadors who helped shape it are vital for ensuring strong diplomacy and effective China policy in the future. You can view some past episodes at the link (here).