Friday April 3, 2020

March 17, 2020: Engage from Home Virtual China related educational links to explore from home. Read More.

March 5, 2020: OP-ED: ‘Sick man’ Row [SCMP] Why China’s expulsion of reporters is the wrong answer. Read More.

February 21, 2020 OP-ED: Xi and Trump Both Face Blame [SCMP] The top leadership in both the U.S. and China are facing backlash, but at least America’s leaders can be voted out. Read More.

February 3, 2020 OP-ED: The Coronavirus Requires Cooperation [SCMP] The growing virus highlights the need for cooperation between the U.S. and China. Read More.

January 22, 2020 OP-ED: Xi Jinping’s Mounting Woes [SCMP] China’s leadership is facing protests in Hong Kong, tensions with Taiwan, and a spreading virus. Read More.

January 14, 2020 The U.S.-China Trade War An overview of the trade war leading up to the signing of the Phase 1 trade deal, to take place around January 15, 2020. Read More.

January 11, 2020 OP-ED: Hongkongers Should Not Abandon the City [SCMP] When the protests in Hong Kong end, the people will need to come together. Read More.

January 2020 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S. and China to sign trade deal next week. Read More

December 28, 2019 OP-ED: With China, the U.S. Must Avoid a Repeat of Its War in Afghanistan [SCMP] The U.S. needs to consider history and long-term strategy in its foreign policy decisions. Read More

December 21, 2019 Reflections 70 Years After Leaving China for the U.S. [The Diplomat] A story of seven decades of changes in each country and in their bilateral relationship. Read More

December 10, 2019 OP-ED: Russia is No Friend to China [SCMP] A look at the history of Sino-Russian relations. Read More

December 2, 2019 OP-ED: Hong Kong is Part of China, But Also Belongs to the World [SCMP] Thoughts on the recent elections and ongoing protests. Read More

December 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S. makes new offer to reduce existing tariffs. Read More

November 7, 2019 OP-ED: U.S. Relies on Personal Diplomacy for China Ambassadors [SCMP] China ambassadors today, however, are not close to their U.S. counterpart or Beijing Read More

November 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: China focuses on tariffs as part of preliminary trade deal. Read More

October 4, 2019 President Carter Congratulates China As China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the PRC, the West took notice. Read More

October 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: Progress Update on the U.S.-China Trade War. Read More

September 30, 2019 OP-ED: When China Celebrates 70 Years, It Needs to Remember the Beginning [SCMP] Despite the celebratory narrative the Chinese Communist Party will have on display for National Day, the founding of the People’s Republic of China was the result of blood, struggle, and civil war. Read More

September 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: Carrie Lam finally withdraws controversial extradition bill. Read More

August 20, 2019 OP-ED: China at 70 faces three challenges: Taiwan, the US and Hong Kong. Can Xi Jinping deliver? [SCMP] As China approaches its 70th anniversary under CCP rule, it faces challenges that could make or break its future. Is Xi Jinping equipped to confront these challenges, or is China in serious trouble? Read More 

August 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: Trump announces addition tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods. Read More

July 23, 2019 OP-ED: Leave Hong Kong Alone [SCMP] The Hong Kong protests are out of control and, if left unchecked, will damage Hong Kong’s future. Chi Wang analyzes the forces behind the protests and who is really benefiting from all the chaos. Read More 

July 19, 2019 OP-ED: America’s Obsession with Chinese Spying is Hurting Innocent People [The Diplomat] The U.S. intelligence community has been unfairly targeting innocent Chinese-Americans due to paranoia over Chinese spying. This racist discrimination has far-reaching implications that will hurt America in the long run. Read More 

June 17, 2019 OP-ED: China Should Start Paying Attention to 2020 Candidates [SCMP] Although Republicans and Democrats are sharply divided on most issues, their China policies tend to be surprisingly similar. Chi Wang discusses whether or not it matters which candidate prevails in the 2020 presidential election. Read More 

June 10, 2019 OP-ED: While US.-China Relations Sour, U.S.-Taiwan Relations Soar [SCMP] Chi Wang discusses the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act and the significance of America’s failure to acknowledge this milestone. Read More 

June 3, 2019 Reflections on the Evolution of U.S.-China Relations [WJMC] Chi Wang looks back of 70 years of U.S.-China relations since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and his own experiences after coming to the United States that same year. Read More 

May 27, 2019 OP-ED: The Long History of U.S.-China Mistrust [SCMP] The hawkish U.S. attitude towards China is not new. It has its roots in past mistrust — from the Chinese Exclusion Act to McCarthyism and the Red Scare. Read More 

May 11, 2019 OP-ED: The Role of Race and Culture in the U.S.-China Rivalry [SCMP] A look at the comments made by State Department official Kiron Skinner and danger to U.S. policy in failing to truly understand China. Read More

May 2, 2019 OP-ED: Media’s Lack of Asian-American Representation [SCMP] Chi Wang discusses the under-representation of Asian Americans — on of the U.S.’s fastest growing demographics — among journalists and related media. Read More

May 1, 2019 The May Fourth Movement Remembered This year marks the 100th anniversary of China’s May Fourth Movement. Find out more about its history and significance today. Read More

April 19, 2019 The U.S. Is Pushing Back Against China. What Happens If We Succeed? [The Diplomat] American scholars and policymakers are taking a harder stance towards China. Professor Chi Wang considers the changing attitude in the U.S. and what would happen if China actually did collapse. Read More

April 18, 2019. Lamenting a Disappearing Chinese Art Form [South China Morning Post] Professor Chi Wang details his experience with calligraphy and collecting Chinese artwork, and how such practices are disappearing today. Read More.

April 12, 2019. OP-ED: In China, a Divided America Finds a Foe to Unite Against [South China Morning Post] As the US political divide deepens, China is becoming an increasingly attractive distraction for politicians, the media, and the American public. Read More. 

April 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S. won’t send ships to China’s naval celebration. Read More

March 18, 2019 OP-ED: Cheating Allegations Damage Perception of Chinese Students [South China Morning Post] Flawed system for admitting Chinese students in U.S. universities opens door for cheating, cultural misunderstanding, and accusations of racism. Read More

March 10, 2019 Op-ED: 挖趣│從文徵明到張大千 名畫收藏在我家 Professor Chi Wang discusses his experiences collecting Chinese paintings and calligraphy. Read More

March 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S.- China Trade Talks and the tensions between China, the U.S. and Canada, summit between the U.S. and Korea and Philippines’ worries of war in the South China Sea. Read More

February 13, 2019 REMEMBERING RODERICK MACFARQUHAR One of the most well-respected and knowledgeable China scholars, Professor Roderick MacFarquhar, passed away on February 10. Chi Wang remembers the life and contributions of his friend. Read More

February 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S.- China Trade Talks and the tension between mainland China and Taiwan. Read More

February 11, 2019 OP-ED: THE DIFFICULTIES FOR DEMOCRACY IN CHINA [South China Morning Post] China’s history and past forms of governance make it difficult for a Western style of democracy to gain traction and truly work. Read More

January 25, 2019 OP-ED: GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN DAMAGING US REPUTATION GLOBALLY [South China Morning Post] government workers are going to food banks and America’s reputation is plummeting globally while Republicans and Democrats play politics and disregard opportunities for compromise. Read More

January 10, 2019 OP-ED: THE U.S.-CHINA RELATIONSHIP IS TOO BIG TO FAIL [South China Morning Post] How can the current leaders, with their conflicting goals, find a way to move the bilateral relationship forward? Read More

JANUARY 2019 U.S.-CHINA NEWS Featuring: U.S. State Department Issues New China Travel Warning, Trade Talks Continue in Beijing, Tensions between China, the U.S. and Canada, and U.S., UK Hold Military Drills in South China Sea. Read More


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