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Comprehensive Index of Past Issues ( Vol. 1- Vol. 13)

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Biographical Sketches


Congressional Reports

Democracy/Human Rights


Energy & Environmental Issues

Foreign Policy

Hong Kong

Institutional Profiles





Social Issues





U.S.-China Relations

Book Reviews



China’s Quest for Food Grain Security (Crook, Fall 99)


General Alexander M. Haig, Jr. (memorial)(Winter 2010)

Arthur W. Hummel (memorial)(Spring 2001)

Michel Oksenberg (memorial)(Spring 2001)

A. Doak Barnett (memorial)(Fall 1999)

John S. Service (memorial)(Fall 1999)

Amb. James Sasser (Winter 1996)

Amb. Li Diaoyu (Winter 1996)

Qian Qichen (Winter 1996)

Winston Lord (Winter 1996)

Lloyd Eastman (Spring 1994)

Harold Hinton (Spring 1994)


Thinking About Strategic First Principles in U.S.-China Relations (Lampton, Autumn 2017)

Remarks at the 2016 Gala Dinner of the U.S.-China Policy Foundations (Cui, Autumn 2017)

The Value of Presidential Summits (Roy, Spring 2016)

Observing Taiwan’s 2012 Elections (Xiao, Fall 2012)

Forty Years Later: My Reflections on a Changing China (Wang, Fall 2012)

Interview with President Richard Nixon (Halloran, Spring 2007)

The Greeting Committee for Warren Christopher (Neighbors, Spring 2007)

History and Leadership in U.S.-China Relations (Roy, Spring 2001)

China, the U.S., and the WTO (Bottelier, Fall 1999)

The U.S. Media: A Stumbling Block in U.S.-China Relations (Orleans, Spring 1999)

Responding to China’s Rise (Oksenberg, Winter 1996)

Where is China Going? (Freeman, Summer 1996)

The Necessary Balance in US-China Relations (Lilley, Spring 1994)

America and China: Confrontation or Compromise? (Robinson, Spring 1993)

Democracy, Tiananmen and Human Rights: Unnecessary Impediments in U.S.-China Relations (Orleans, Spring 1992)


Congress and China: Legislative Update (Winter 2002)

Congress and China: Legislative Update (Spring 2001)

Congressional Reports and Documents Related to Asia from the 106th Congress (Shapiro, Spring 2000)

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan And Tibet: Congressional Reports and Documents from the 105th Congress: 1997-1998 (Shapiro, Fall 1999)

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan And Tibet: Congressional Reports and Documents from the 104th Congress: 1996-1997 (Shapiro, Spring 1999)

Selected Congressional Publications 1994-1996 (Shapiro, Winter 1996)

Congressional Publications 1990-1992 (Shapiro, Spring 1993)


China’s Ethnic Policies in the Xinjiang Region (Lim, Fall 2012)

Prospects for a Democratic China within Ten Years (Starr, Spring 2001)

China’s Criminal Justice System: A Work in Progress (Belkin, Fall 2000)

China’s Overseas Democracy Movement (Coan, Spring 1999)

Dissonance Among Dissidents (Rubin, Spring 1999)

The Beginnings of Democratic Practices in China (Goldman, Winter 1996)

Democratization and Economic Development in China (Steinfeld, Winter 1996)

Changing China from Afar: Challenges for China’s Activists in America (Ross, Rubin, Spring 1994)


U.S.-China Tensions: Interplay Between Economics and Politics (Huang, Autumn 2017)

China and the Economic Integration of Europe and Asia (Freeman, Spring 2016)

The Shifting Fortunes of Public and Private Economies: The Chinese Debate on