Sunday May 20, 2018



The USCPF released the most recent edition of the Washington Journal of Modern China (volume 13) in Autumn 2017.
Featured articles include the following:

Fall 2017 front cover

“Thinking About Strategic First Principles in U.S.-China Relations”
David M. Lampton, PhD

“Donald Trump, the Taiwan Issue and Hardening U.S. Policy Toward China”
Robert Sutter, PhD

“U.S.-China Tensions: Interplay Between Economics and Politics”
Yukon Huang, PhD

“The Political Economy of U.S.-China Relations and the Trump Administration”
Ming Wan, PhD

“The CCP and Pursuing Its Goals: Proliferating Non-traditional Aspects of Power”
Cynthia Watson, PhD

“Decoding Modern Chinese Foreign Policy Through the Lenses of Ancient Philosophy and Applied Game Theory”
Alicia Fawcett




The Washington Journal of Modern China is an annual scholarly publication of the U.S.-China Policy Foundation. The emphasis of the Washington Journal of Modern China is contemporary Chinese affairs, including scholarly articles on politics, economics, military, and environment. The Journal also features less formal material such as the transcripts from discussions and roundtable events, travel observations, and, as before, book reviews.


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