Wednesday September 20, 2017


Call for Submissions: Now Accepting Journal Submissions



The USCPF released the most recent edition of the Washington Journal of Modern China (volume 12) in Spring 2016.
Featured articles include the following:

“China’s 100 Most Influential People”

“The Value of Presidential Summits”
By: Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy

“Will The Past Repeat Itself?: Examinging the Accuracy of a Cold War Analogy”
By: Ariane C. Rosen

“China and the Economic Integration of Europe and Asia”
By: Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr.

“China’s Silk Railroad Vision in Central Asia: Issues and Challenges”
By: Junxiao P. Liang

“Why Anti-Chinese Rhetoric Is Bad Politics: A Survey of the 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Remarks on China” By: Rachel E. Peniston

“A Harbinger of Neocolonialism?: An Analysis of Xi Jinping’s Speech at FOCAC’s December 2015 Meeting”
Juliet M. Tempest


The Washington Journal of Modern China is an annual scholarly publication of the U.S.-China Policy Foundation. The emphasis of the Washington Journal of Modern China is contemporary Chinese affairs, including scholarly articles on politics, economics, military, and environment. The Journal also features less formal material such as the transcripts from discussions and roundtable events, travel observations, and, as before, book reviews.

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