Friday December 2, 2022

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The USCPF most recent edition of the Washington Journal of Modern China (Fall/Winter 2020) is a special diplomats and diplomacy issue.

It features exclusive interviews with former U.S. ambassadors to China and Chinese ambassadors to the U.S., including:

Ambassador Gary Locke
Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy
Ambassador James Sasser
Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong

It also features additional commentary by:

Ambassador Chas Freeman, Jr.
Ambassador John Holdridge (from our archives)
Ambassador Arthur Hummel, Jr. (from our archives)
And more…

Our 2019 edition of the Washington Journal of Modern China, celebrating the 40th anniversary of U.S.-China normalization, is also available upon request.

The Washington Journal of Modern China is an annual scholarly publication of the U.S.-China Policy Foundation. The emphasis of the Washington Journal of Modern China is contemporary Chinese affairs, including scholarly articles on politics, economics, military, and environment. The Journal also features less formal material such as the transcripts from discussions and roundtable events, travel observations, and, as before, book reviews.



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